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14.05.21, 11:35

I have a relative that was residing in S:t Petersburg, Russia until Jan 1923 where it indicates that he and his wife are moving to "H-fors".
If anyone has any tips on how to proceed in locating them I would be very happy.

I've tried looking in all digital archives I know (hiski, sshy, NA, digi and even find-a-grave, swedish death records). Are the dates close enough in time that they are still available at request from authorities?

Johan Fredrik Björkman (1847-02-14, Agnetorp)
Maria Kristina Andersdotter/Osbeck (1838-05-25, Bjurbäck)

// Morgan

17.05.21, 10:53
Did the family own or work in furniture business?

You could try the address and trade calender of Helsinki and surroundings = Helsingin ja ympäristön osote- ja ammattikalenteri for suitable time frame.

Good Luck!