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22.07.07, 13:34
I am searching for a Marta Olsdatter who was married in Norway in Røros in 1791. To get married she rode back to Finland to get a certificate. (Apparently took her one week on a horse back...)

The certificate was issued by Priest Anders Adolph Grunden in Söderala, Södra Helsingland on the 8th of July 1791. It states that it is correct that she was confirmed in Söderala and that she was free to get marrieed. She was born sometime around 1761 according to the age she was when she died.

Can anyone help to see if it is possible to find any information about her family? Or find her confirmation to see where she was born.:)

Henrik Mangs
22.07.07, 15:27
I think she was born in Sweden not in Finland.
Have yoy tryed the anbytarforum to finde her.

Henrik mangs

22.07.07, 19:04
:):) Thank you very much. Yes, of course. :):)