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03.11.16, 12:01
Hei kaikille!
Sain tällaisen kirjeen serkultani Norjasta. Löytyiskö joltakin tutkittua tietoa Anders Lindströmin ja Eva Maria Isakintyttären suvuista ?
Tv. arskap

I hope you all are fine? We are busy all the time but are in the cabin in the mountain every weekend. I hope you can visit us soon again?
I have a problem to solve about a person named Anders Lidström (Lindström). He was living in Utsjoki, Lappland in 1829. His wife was Eva Maria Isaksdotter.
They got a son in Utsjoki ca 1830, named Johan August. This family later went to Finnmark, Norway, before 1835.
Anders/Andreas Lidström was kronolensman (policeman) in Utsjoki
I can’t find any church books from Utsjoki in this period and i think they are gone away?
Is there any records in the national archive in Helsinki from Utsjoki which have a register over the kronolensmann or may be other books, matrikkel, who names this family?
Anders Lindström:
Lappekodisillen 1751: young student Anders Liedström (Lidström) was kronolänsman for a few months in Utsjoki in the year 1829.
I really hope Aarre can help me a little bit as he know Lappland and genealogy there :)
Best regards from cousin in Norway