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Laila Olsen-DK
08.02.08, 00:43
I am looking for info of the parents and siblings of:

Ida Kustava Immonen, born in Sotkamo parish 7 May 1890
Lydia Immonen, born 6 November 1887 maybe in Sotkamo too and
Maria Immonen of whom I have no data.

All sisters went to Denmark between 1905 and 1911 and all married Danish men and became Danes.

In the Danish churchbooks was written at Ida's wedding that her father was Juho Kusti and her mother was Maria K???? - but this is very incertain, as the vicar propably wrote what he thought he heard!
At Lydias wedding another vicar wrote, that her father was "the taylor Immonen"

Ida was my grandmother - and she never saw Finland again due to lack of money for the ticket. At the table in the living-room she always kept two small flag-stands - one with the Danish flag and the other with the Finnish flag.
She died 1964.

Every contribution to the puzzle would be gratefully appreciated - kind regards Laila Olsen

Laila Olsen-DK
06.05.09, 12:02
Maria Immonen should be born 22 November 1892 - the date is taken from a Danish cencus 1916

Still hope someone know the family

Kind regards Laila Olsen, Denmark

Jarmo Meriläinen
06.05.09, 15:14
Maria Immonen should be born 22 November 1892 - the date is taken from a Danish cencus 1916

Still hope someone know the family

Kind regards Laila Olsen, Denmark
Hi Laila

Here You'll get some data.

Father Juho Kusti Paavonpoika Immonen b. 30 Oct 1857 Sotkamo, Jormaskylä 37
Mother: Maria Matintytär Karhu b. 14 Feb 1853 Sotkamo, Alasotkamo, d. 9 Dec 1907

Son: Hemmi b. 3 Apr 1885 Sotkamo, d. 15 March 1905 Sotkamo, Nuasjärvi
Lyydi b. 6 Nov 1887 Sotkamo
Iida Kustaava b. 7 May 1890 Sotkamo
Kaisa Maria b. 22 Nov 1892 Sotkamo

It is written in Sotkamo parish register 1901-1910 (page 1089) that
Lyydi moved to Helsinki in 1906,
Iida is (living) in Denmark
Kaisa moved to Denmark 12 May 1911.

I hope I didn't make any big errors. Best regards, Jarmo Meriläinen

Tapani Kovalaine
06.05.09, 15:28
Digi address: http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/kirjat/Kirkonkirjat/sotkamo/rippikirja_1856-1865_ik98/87.htm

Erik Immonen, wife Elsa Huovinen
son Påhl (=Paavo) Immonen, wife Anna Lena Rantonen
sons son Johan Gustav Immonen = Juho Kusti Immonen

Isaac Rantonen 1805, wife Anna Kaisa Mustonen 1807, daughter Anna Lena Rantonen 1836

Johan Karhu 1771-1831, wife Susanna Partanen 1781-1833, son Matts Karhu 1825

Simon Piipponen 1781-1847, wife Stina Korhonen 1784, daughter Caisa Piipponen 1826

All these people lived in Sotkamo.

Laila Olsen-DK
06.05.09, 22:22
Hi Jarmo and Tapani,

I am so greateful - many, many thanks to both of you.

My problem has first of all been, that the notes in the churchbooks - and other places - was written "as heard" - i.e. a lot of mistakes had to be "washed" out of the text.

Not I can try to find my way back in my heritage - but if anyone - in or outside the Immonen-family are taken interest in the whereabouts, I will beneth write what I have of the 2 sisters.
unfortunately I do not have anything on Kaisa Maria, other that she was living in Copenhagen - and was married there to a man with a very common name. At least i know she was alive when Iida died in 1964.

Lyydi was married in Denmark 19 May 1915 (the day after my grandmother) in the parish of Nakskov city, Norhern Lolland Area, Maribo county to Hans Peter Martin Joergensen. 27 March 1918 they had a son Svend Aage Joergensen.

Iida married Viggo Valdemar Nielsen 15 May 1916 in Stadager parish, Falster North area, Maribo county.
Before marrying Viggo she had my father Karl Arthur Eigil 13 January 1912. 4 November 1916 they had a daughter Hilia Marie.

Iida died i Nykoebing Falster parish, Falster south area, Maribo county 5 February 1964 and buried same place 8 February 1864.

Once again - thak you both - and please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need some information from my part of the world

Best regards,
Laila Olsen

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