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Kari Greter
17.01.08, 14:28

I am writing this letter from Norway.could anyone help me?

My biological grandmother was from Finland.Her name was Ida Maria Hytønen.She was born 20/7-1906.

I am now searching for some of her husbands family in Finland.I dont know when he was born,only his name. Tauno Olavi Tammi,he lived in Tammerfors.
Ida and Tauno Olavi Tammi got married twice.
First time 22/7-41
second time 15/3-52

The joined adventsforsamlingen i Tammerfors 17/10-46

Ida Maria died in Tammerfors 24/8-63.

I am also searching for Tauno Olavi Tammis relatives because i hope that one of them have a photo or memories of Ida Maria.

I would be very greatful for help,neither my mother or i speak your language.You could answer me in Swedish or english.

Best Regards Kari Greter
mob.90 50 33 31

17.01.08, 15:21
Hi Kari !
There is one family line of HYTÖNEN in parish of VETELI. They came from RAUTALAMPI. They are my ancesters too.
But at first you should know the names and born dates of Ida´s parents.

Maybe you can ask it here:

Send email and ask. Then you can look more information here.


Regards SARI :rolleyes:

Sari H
18.01.08, 08:09
Hello Kari

If You dont get the answer from the Hytönen link, i recommend that try to contact to the Tammmerfors ( Tampere ) church records.

You can order detailled extract from the population register
Letter, address KESKUSREKISTERI, PL 226, 33101 TAMPERE
E-mail: tampere*evl.fi * put the ad mark replace the *
fax: +35832190200
leave an order personally at the office
or filling the orderform in the web ( only finnish) https://www.tampereenseurakunnat.fi/asiointi/sukututkimus/tilausI dont know how they will coop with the bill. It usually costs a bit, and it depends if its substancial or brief subscription. They have informed that the cost is 21,85 €/Hour

Also here is the link of the Tampere adventchurch.
there is 3 of them, only in finnish unfortunately.

Best wishes

Sari H