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20.07.11, 08:49
I am new at genealogi and from Sweden. I am trying to investigate my husbands relatives in Finland. The only data we have is the following.

I would be very happy to receive some hints on how to start looking. I have tried to look into the digitalised archives but it is hard to search backwards and be sure to have found the right people when we only have data for his grandmother and grandfather who are so recent that they are not published there. How do I find the birth and death dates for great grandfather and great grandmother so I can move on?

A hundred times thank you for any help you can give!

Bertta Torpakko
Born: 1907-02-19 Sääminki / Lehtiniemi
Dead: 1996-10-11 Lohja

Mother's name:
Henrika Hämäläinen
(Sisters name: Maria, married Haapalainen)

Father's name:
Juho / Johan Torpakko
(Contributed in building Kerimäki church. Fisherman. Lived on the island of Oravi in his younger years?)

Other cildren in the family:
Saimi, Vilho, Tyyne, Martti, Hilja, Apo, Elna

Karl Lindén
Born: 1907-11-11
Dead: 1942-04-02

Mother's name:
Anna Johanna Sistonen
Born: Tohmajärvi or Värtsilä?
(The Sistonen family might be connected to Lipperi? Fathers name is Juho / Johan Sistonen)

Father's name:
Karl Lindén
(Might have lived in Jyväskylä? Is buried in Suolahti.)

Other children in the family:
Born: 1904

Tuula Cu
20.07.11, 19:39
Juhana Antinp (Antti's son) Torpakko, born 5.10.1866 in Sääminki, is found in the page 245 in Communion book (Rippikirja) 1890-99 together with his wife Henrika Taavt (Taavetintytär=Taavetti's daughter) Hämäläinen, born 13.3.1873 in Sääminki. The list where they are is "Inhysningar", people working in farms, with no land. (The page can be found for members in the pages of SSHY,
http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index.htm; the earlier books are plenty for you to search free).

Suolahti used to be part of Saarijärvi parish. According to Hiski http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?se there were some Lindens also in Multia, quite near (and in Jyväskylä, too). Hiski is quite good for narrowing searches but be careful, not all records and parishes are there...

MVH Tuula K

21.07.11, 22:32
Tuula, thank you very much for your help! This was just the push I needed to get me going. I am already well on my way with about four new generations on the Torpakko side.

I am having trouble with Henrika Taavt/Davidsdotter Hämäläinen though, since the "Syntyneet" book for 1873 in Sääminki seems to be missing. If you or anyone else can give me some hint on how to look for her and her parents it would be fantastic! I have tried Hiski, but can not find any David or Taavt Hämäläinen in Sääminki which makes me wonder if she has come from another parish to Sääminki.

Thanks again for all your help, Tuula!

Kind regards

Tuula Cu
22.07.11, 11:30
To be able to reach Henrika's family you need to be a member of SSHY to see more, so I did some look-up for you:

Henrika and Juhana were married on19.4.1897 and they then both served in the house od Aholahti No 2. They have children Väinö Johannes, born 15.12.1897 in Sääminki and Elna Katrina, born 5.11.1899 in Sääminki (from the Children's book 1881-99, page 198). Earlier Henrika was in several houses as a servant but finally, she is from this family in Kaartilanranta:


but sorry to say, the younger children are in children's books (Lastenkirja)
1881-90 (MKO60-65), image 16, the children which were not confirmated when the book began:
51 Lois (inhysning) Taavetti Hämäläisvainaan (of the late Taavetti Hämäläinen) ja Maria Lovisa Juudin (Juuti's), s. 1839, lapset (children):
- Maija Stiina, 11.9.1867
- Serafia, 18.6.1870
- Juhana, 27.6.1875-28.5.1885
- Henriikka, 13.3.1873
- Iida Loviisa, 16.1.1878.

Those born in the 1870's are not yet in the net of SSHY and there are also some of the older communion books missing (from 1739 I read).
So until now, you have to trust that I found the right ones for you. Now you can go to Kaartilanranta and follow the family there.

Have a nice weekend!


24.07.11, 09:52
Thank you again for the time and effort you are giving this matter! This is very interesting and valuable information for me and my relatives.

I will of course consider being a member of SSHY for further research. Seems to be necessary in order to find Lindén and Sistonen as well.

Now, off for more research in Kaartilanranta! :)

Have a nice weekend, Tuula!

Kind regards